Monday, January 17, 2011

Doodles on Cheap Paper

I've been sketching a lot the past few days, trying to consciously improve my skills, and also just doodling a lot.  I have a lot of these sheets of crappy brown greyish paper that I just draw and draw and draw on.  They're too big to scan, so I took some pictures!  I've been drawing mostly cars these few days.  I really really cannot draw cars well, but I've always wanted to and they're great for practicing elipses!  I didn't grow up in a culture of cars, so I barely know what a car looks like from heart.  I copied a lot of car sketches from various places like IDsketching, before actually trying my own.


Vroom vroom!

Phone / TV remote..?

This car was actually traced.  I needed to understand the shape of real cars first.

Check this guy out.

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