Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travels in Europe - Prague

One of the best things about going on exchange is travel.  Being in Germany, the heart of Europe means I can pretty much go anywhere pretty easily.  The first big trip I made was to Prague last month, here are some highlights.

German Wings, a German budget airline, has an old school marketing campaign involving hot air hostesses.  None of them actually look like that.

Free vodka samples at the airport? Ah Eastern Europe.

Gloomy subways.

Very Eastern Europe-y weather.  Cloudy red skies..

Old school trams.

Prague has the longest and fastest escalators I've EVER been on.

Walking to the Prague castle.

The Astronomical Clock in the old town square.  Every hour theres a little mechanical performance and a trumpet blown.

The old town square.

The green fairy.  And her red, blue, and yellow friends.

I love the Prague subways signage.

They got some crazy space age-y deco in some subway stations.

The Museum of Communism.  Hey Lenin.

Inside the clock tower in the old town square.

View of the old town square from the top of the tower.  Prague is beautiful.

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  1. okay first of all, can't believe you posted this on my BIRTHDAY and didn't gimme a shout out. hahah and secondly, YES PRAGUE IS BEAUTIFUL omg i would give an arm and a leg to go back :)