Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IDEO C60 Redux

So....I look at my blog after a few days of not checking and theres a post there that I didn't post....that TED talk video down there.  Noooo idea how it got there, but it looks interesting so I'll leave it there.

Anyway, this popped up on Core77 a few days ago.  Its the IDEO C60 Redux concept.  I first saw this when I read "I Miss My Pencil" by Martin Bone and Kara Johnson of IDEO.  I have to say it was a beautiful book, filled with great pictures, humorous text, and of course thought-provoking concept designs.

This particular concept really stuck with me because I love music, and I love vinyls and the physicality of music.  I am a DJ and own two turntables, though I don't use them much for performance anymore.  Even still, nothing beats the feeling of manipulating music with your hands and really feeling it.  This IDEO concept aims to bring some physicality back to music in a digital way, while keeping modern benefits such as playlists and shuffling.

I stole some pictures from Core77, they say it all.  And also a video from Vimeo.

Love it.  I want one.

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