Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ramazzotti Lounge

One of the projects I'm a part of in my semester abroad is designing a lounge for the Italian liquor company Ramazzotti for use in trade fairs, fashion shows, and similar events.  The company will actually produce our final design and hope to have it in use by January, which is very exciting but the whole process seems very rushed.  The class is rather large, and we are only producing one final design in the end.  It will be interesting how this works out...

Sampling Ramazzotti glasses.  No alcohol though :(
I had never heard of Ramazzotti before coming to Europe... According to popular opinion, it seems its a drink for old people, but Ramazzotti wanted our lounge design to tailor to a young professional target market...Perhaps looking for a change in brand image?
They have a very interesting glass design.  It's very heavy and holds deceptively little liquid.  Just what you want for a bar glass I guess.
With a class so large we came up with almost 100 different concepts for various aspects of the lounge from mechanical drink holders to crazy drinking games.
We then split up into smaller groups to work on individual concepts.  A group of 20 is really impossible to work with.

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