Thursday, November 4, 2010

ORGATEC Working Spaces Exhibition 2010

One great thing about being here in Cologne is the giant exhibition space at Messe Deutz which brings in loads of really cool exhibitions every year.  Just being here over 2 months I've seen two awesome exhibitions that have really interesting design-wise.  Here are some highlights from the ORGATEC Working Spaces exhibition 2010 I went to last saturday.

These chairs greeted me near the entrance.  The look like hard plastic but....

...they're actually really squishy and comfortable.  I later saw the booth of the manufacturer and the chair is made from a process of coating furniture foam in some kind of plastic.

This office stationery really reminds me of Apple's Macbook.  Their marketing posters were pretty similar to Apple too....Managed to snap this pic right before they said NO PHOTOS.
A crazy chair testing contraption on display to show how strong their chairs are I guess? It basically continuously stresses the chair in all directions with various pneumatic devices.  I would not want to be stuck in that machine... 
Some pretty crazy booth designs!

A cool multifunctional couch with repositional seat backs and small table element.

I love red.
I love red phones.
I like this clock too.
This place was just a carpet company, but they had a very exciting booth.  
I love the way their carpet interacts with the environment and objects in their booth design.
A wall made of chairs!

Vitra didn't like photos either...but I managed to snap a few....
Exploding chair!!!
Herman Miller had a very organic looking space. 
The walls were stretched fabric! They look so solid!  Apparently this is a very popular form of construction for trade fairs and exhibitions.
The new SAYL chair.
Herman Miller had the best free food....

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