Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Designer Handwriting?

What does a designer's handwriting look like? Is it all caps? Is it messy? Or clean? Is it different for different purposes? Well I've been thinking about these questions a lot.

Some time ago I changed my writing style to all caps because I thought it was more "design-y" and clearer.  But now I'm finding a lot of my writing (especially large blocks of text) to be hard to read and visually convoluted because its all caps.  Who knew trying to write in lower and upper case again would be so hard? I can barely do it anymore without concentrating hard.  But I'm seriously considering returning lower case letters to my "designer handwriting".

That was a random post.

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  1. yes, writing eats brain) Why do I sketch better than write? I have been doing it for the whole life=)