Saturday, September 25, 2010

New school year, new portfolio, new blog

Finally, here I am.  I've been meaning to do this for awhile.  I'm an industrial design student studying at RISD.  I've made a few blogs and a few versions of a portfolio website before, but this time I'm determined to do it right.  The blogs before I barely ever updated,  possibly due to how ugly I feel they looked.  The portfolio sites, while adequate, were nothing special either.  So this school year (my last), I am resolved to have an active blog about my work and a portfolio that will do it justice.  Here is my first step.

You will not believe how many names for this blog I had to go through before deciding upon this one.  I didn't want to just use my name because that serves as a pretty dull title.  Every time I thought of a good title and checked it on blogger, someone had already made a blog with that name with ONE post back in like 2002 or something about their dog.  I'm not web design savvy enough to design and host my own blog so I am stuck with using blogger....Wordpress was an option too but the themes were too complex looking and not customizable enough.

So after a few hours of trying to make this blogger blog look half decent and not totally visually convoluted, here I am.  Hope it looks decent, and I will be posting very soon about my work, my musings, and various semi design related happenings in my life.

Until then, here's a picture of me:

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